Re: Proposal: "Preview" shell for EoG/gpdf/ggv

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 17:36, Jens Finke wrote:
> I think on the bonobo interface side, there is almost everything there
> (and eg. EoG does mostly all of it already):
> Bonobo::Control (main embedding component stuff)
> Bonobo::PersistFile (for loading/saving URIs)
> Bonobo::Zoomable (zoom related interface)
> Bonobo::PropertyBag (storing status information)
I agree completely.

> 1) The supported menu structure. All views share the same menu and must
> fit into a unique scheme. Basically, I think this will end up using a very 
> similar structure like nautilus. EoG does this already (on the xml level), 
> since it should seamlessly fit into the nautilus shell. And I think this 
> will apply to nearly all other views too. 
similarly to GGV, on the xml level, GGV tries to behave as Nautilus-friendly
as possible. I believe that if we all just adopt the Nautilus menu structure,
menu merging should pose no problem at all. Actually, as Gustavo already
noted, an attempt at a standard menu structure is already at
libbonoboui/doc/std-ui.xml, but this is one very ascetic and since it is
mostly not respected by nautilus (The App(tm) that we all want our
components to fit in seamlessly) it is of little value. we need to take
the nautilus menu structure and make a standard out of it (since it is a
defacto standard already).

> 2) The required/supported property values. A lot of status information 
> must/should be reported to the surrounding shell through properites. This 
> has the advantage that the shell can install listeners for these very 
> easily. 
The property names and the level of support by the components (support of
which properties is absolutely required and which are optional) needs to
be agreed upon and standardized. Then nautilus would be able to use
these as well as our ueber-shell.

> I think both discussions have the potential to create a gnome wide
> component standard, a thing which is really needed. The lack of such
> standards prevent the spread of component reusing. You can't embed a
> component in your application when you end up with two 'View' menus in
> your menubar, due to incompatible ui-xml descriptions.
and nothing more needs to be said.

> These two issues, I guess, also prevented a wider use of the generic shell
> Martin B. (IIRC) wrote in the early days of bonobo.
And which I shamelessly copied for the first Gnome 1.4 version of the
GGV component ;) Martin, thanx again!



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