Re: gpdf [Was: 2.3 Proposed Features]

<quote who="Jaka Mocnik">

> I'd be extremely happy as well if gpdf was used for displaying PDFs, as
> ggv is primarily a postscript previewer - current pdf support in ggv is
> poor compared to what PDF offers.
> I also think we should try and unify the user interface for both
> postscript and pdf previewing so that both ggv and gpdf components may be
> used in the same shell.

Jaka, you're such a legend. :-) If we assume for the moment that the 2.4
release process will be another six-monther, would you guys be keen on doing
this by then?


- Jeff

     "I don't even understand offside so I'm not likely to understand a     
                 Manchester United contract." - Posh Spice                  

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