Re: gpdf [Was: 2.3 Proposed Features]

On Sat, 2003-02-08 at 05:15, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Oh, yes, so, I would be quite happy to see gpdf replace ggv in the Desktop
> release if everyone was happy with it, or see gpdf's UI be applied to ggv.
> I don't know what the ramifications are for not depending on ghostview, if
> there are any a11y issues, etc.
I'd be extremely happy as well if gpdf was used for displaying PDFs, as
ggv is primarily a postscript previewer - current pdf support in ggv is
poor compared to what PDF offers.

I also think we should try and unify the user interface for both
postscript and pdf previewing so that both ggv and gpdf components may
be used in the same shell.



email: jaka gnu org

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