Re: 2.3 Proposed Features (xpdf from gnome cvs)

> Dave Bordoley wrote:
> > Kind of off the wall. I just installed xpdf from gnome-cvs and I must
> > say that the quality of the rendering in the nautilus view is far
> > superior to that with the ggv nautilus view.
> So you chose a pdf file that used only implemented features ;-).
> Especially its font code needs much work. (In the program as well as in
> gnome-print)

When viewing a PDF of my resume (which is virtually unreadable in ggv) I
noticed that gpdf(xpdf) rendering of it is almost comparable to acrobat, so i
was pretty impressed.

> > Are the maints of this
> > module interested in getting it added to gnome?
> Interested? Sure. What does adding to gnome mean?

Well it would be nice to get it added to the gnome-desktop release when its


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