Re: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.3.0: "Mighty Atom"

mån 2003-04-14 klockan 10.40 skrev Bastien Nocera:

> No, I'm not pushing for xine in the development platform, I'm only
> trying to make a movie player that works. This would just push Totem to
> the desktop, not xine.

It would push xine into the desktop aswell (since it's a dependency).
And then we would have two multimedia backends in the dependency chain
which imho would suck big time.
And it would confuse developers (just as Gtkhtml/Gtkhtml2 does today,
neither part of the development platform).

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
CodeFactory AB        
                                Cell: +46 (0)709 718 918

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