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El mar, 29-10-2002 a las 18:00, Christian Rose escribió:
> tis 2002-10-29 klockan 13.22 skrev Sven Neumann:
> > > > I see these advantages of using a single label instead of a vbox with
> > > > two labels:
> > > > 
> > > >  (1) it's much easier to implement
> > > 
> > > On the other hand, it's also much more difficult to translate and
> > > maintain the translation of. Also, the implementation only needs to be
> > > done once, while it will need to be translated up to 40 times, one for
> > > each language.
> > 
> > there are 40 different people doing this so the work is distributed
> > quite nicely and it's only a little annoying anyway. I'd say that
> > putting the burden on the developers is not an issue.
> There are 40 different teams(*), but there are at least 166 different
> GNOME modules with translations(**), and different branches on top of
> that.
> Consider that each one of these on average has a few of these messages,
> and most of the translation teams are just two people or even less, and
> you'll hopefully realize that this problem has a large impact for
> translators. And, if you only think this is a little "nuisance", you
> forgot to read my entire mail to begin with.

Also, you should not forgot that some errors with the markups could
break your application and made it unusable (I'm thinking in my
gnome-about bug report, it's a "stupid" application, but the same bug
with nautilus/evolution/*, where * is any GNOME application, is really
bad, because you cannot test it for all locales before the release and
the translators are not available 24h/day so you will need to fix the
bug yourself for every locale. If you use "The right solution" (TM) you
will not need to care about it.


> Christian
> (*) Well there used to be. There's more teams now.
> (**) Fresh info from the translation status pages
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