Re: Please avoid unnecessary markup in messages


Christian Rose <menthos menthos com> writes:

>    msgid ""
>    "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"larger\">What do you want to do with this "
>    "file?\n"
>    "</span>\n"
>    "It's not possible to view this file type directly in the browser:"
> In this type of messages, the markup contains no relevant information to
> the translator, since all the translatable content is embedded in the
> markup (in the last example above, the message could just as well have
> been split into two separate messages, so this still applies).

This is exactly what the HIG is telling developers to use when
creating a message dialog. The dialog layout as specified makes use
of empty lines and the HIG suggests to use a single string with line
breaks to achieve this. In my opinion the HIG is right in this case.
With all the other statements you did, I agree.

Salut, Sven

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