Re: Please avoid unnecessary markup in messages

tis 2002-10-29 klockan 13.22 skrev Sven Neumann:
> > > I see these advantages of using a single label instead of a vbox with
> > > two labels:
> > > 
> > >  (1) it's much easier to implement
> > 
> > On the other hand, it's also much more difficult to translate and
> > maintain the translation of. Also, the implementation only needs to be
> > done once, while it will need to be translated up to 40 times, one for
> > each language.
> there are 40 different people doing this so the work is distributed
> quite nicely and it's only a little annoying anyway. I'd say that
> putting the burden on the developers is not an issue.

There are 40 different teams(*), but there are at least 166 different
GNOME modules with translations(**), and different branches on top of

Consider that each one of these on average has a few of these messages,
and most of the translation teams are just two people or even less, and
you'll hopefully realize that this problem has a large impact for
translators. And, if you only think this is a little "nuisance", you
forgot to read my entire mail to begin with.


(*) Well there used to be. There's more teams now.
(**) Fresh info from the translation status pages

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