Re: Please avoid unnecessary markup in messages

tis 2002-10-29 klockan 11.16 skrev Sven Neumann:
> >    msgid ""
> >    "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"larger\">What do you want to do with this "
> >    "file?\n"
> >    "</span>\n"
> >    "It's not possible to view this file type directly in the browser:"
> > 
> > In this type of messages, the markup contains no relevant information to
> > the translator, since all the translatable content is embedded in the
> > markup (in the last example above, the message could just as well have
> > been split into two separate messages, so this still applies).
> This is exactly what the HIG is telling developers to use when
> creating a message dialog. The dialog layout as specified makes use
> of empty lines and the HIG suggests to use a single string with line
> breaks to achieve this. In my opinion the HIG is right in this case.

Hi Sven, thanks for noticing the conflict.
I'm not sure about why the suggestion in the HIG may be better in this
case -- I think a solution where the message topic and the message text
are seperated entities should also allow for more consistency, since
there will be no doubt about how many line breaks should separate the
topic from the text, and so on. What advantages do you see with the
HIG's suggestion in this case?

> With all the other statements you did, I agree.



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