Re: GNOME Power Tools: Every GNOME Geek's Batbelt!

Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm commsecure com au> writes: 
> Which, as has also been discussed should stop. Denigrating the fact that
> people like things different from the default is in no way constructive.
> And the "no crack" or "crackpipe" designations are just that -- they
> imply the setting is pointless and damaging. Please get over this mental
> block.

Some settings *are* pointless and damaging, even if both possible
values are reasonably defensible, sometimes having both is
not. Sorry. Right and wrong exist. ;-) If we want to go the
"everything is equally OK" route we will rapidly end up with
mediocrity.  One might call it design by committee, and might make fun
of it if Dilbert's boss(es) were involved. Making real decisions is
the lifeblood of any functional project.

On the other hand, certainly there's potential for people to take
jokes the wrong way, especially via email. Thus the smiley was
invented. And it's no doubt better to make real arguments about why
things are bad (or good) instead of just talking about crack.

Relax and have fun. Opinions are good. It's better than a bunch of
people that don't give a damn.


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