Re: GNOME Power Tools: Every GNOME Geek's Batbelt!

When GNOME Powertools has been discussed up to this point it has always
been in the context of configuration tools IMHO. I have for some time
now been trying to get together some hackers to create a powertools
module consisting of capplets for configuring stuff that is not deemed 
something joe user needs to configure, but that many of our long time
users (and developers), like myself, love to tweak.  Of course this
friendly hijack of the name is easy to overcome, guess we can adopt the
old Control Center Plus name instead, and the Control Center Plus can be
part of Power Tools.

Anyway, do acme really belong in Power tools? I feel that acme belongs
in the core because it is a tool that very much embodies our vision for
GNOME 2 -> Things should just work. And in this case extra keyboard keys
is what should 'just work' (tm).


On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 08:30, Jeff Waugh wrote:

>   * acme - A multimedia keys daemon and configuration utility, by Bastien
>     Nocera.
>   * devilspie - A window-matching daemon, inspired by Matched Windows in
>     Sawfish, by Ross Burton.
>   * HotApplet - An lm-sensors based temperature monitoring applet, by Daniel
>     Baeyens.
> Have you got a sweet geektoy, power tool or utility for the Power Tools
> release? Fame, fortune and extensive user support await you! Please send a
> link to your software to Jeff Waugh <jdub gnome org> to be added to the
> release!
> - Jeff
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