Re: Recently used applications

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 22:33, mike wrote:
> There is a general point to make on this, especially as we have not got
> mime-types working right, and that is you are not neccesarily going to
> want to open the same document with the same application.
> As an example I will give a case from the windows world.
> There is a text file format known as csv (comma seperated version) very
> commonly used for data interchange.
> In MS office this defaults to opening in excel, because  it is nicely
> arranged in columns, however you will often want to open it in
> word/notepad to have a look at the data directly. (not having open with
> in these situations was one of my biggest bugbears with windows)
> A mistake to avoid repeating

This just says to me we need to fix the mime system, and that their
should be a mechanism of associating a document with a specific view of
it (we call these applications in gnome).


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