Re: New Modules in GNOME 2.2

Le ven 22/11/2002 à 16:30, Reinout van Schouwen a écrit :
> FWIW, I do have access to a Solaris box but not root access. I've been
> trying to build Garnome (we've talked about that on irc, Jeff) but got
> stuck on fcpackage(sp?) and haven't found out yet how to solve this.
> So if anyone wants to work with me to get this thing fixed just let me
> know.

I got GTK 2.1 with Xft2 working on Solaris8 in a non root prefix. I
don't have the exact process in mind, but here are some tips :

First, note that my case is very specific, because I built that stuff in
a prefix were all graphical apps link against X client libs from
XFree4.2.1 and not Sun's X libs (there's a reason for that, but not
gtk-related). I didn't manage to build libXrender from fcpackage, but
Xft2 linked well against the XFree4.2 version of the lib ; anyway the
Solaris X server doesn't support Xrender extension, so the lib isn't
used. I don't know if other problems would appear when building with
Sun's X libs/includes.

- To get fontconfig to work, I had to apply an adapted version of the
patch found here : xfree86 org/msg01200.html for
fontconfig not to coredump. (adapted, because this patch doen't apply
as-is on fcpackage2.0, but it is really easy to hand-apply it)
- I had to copy the fonts in a prefix were I have write permissions for
fontconfig to be able to create cache files (maybe there is another
solution, but none that I found)
- of course put the correct info in fonts.conf
- enjoy

Hope this helps a bit.


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