New Modules in GNOME 2.2

'tag alles,

The release team generally tries to avoid open-ended questions when asking
for input, but unfortunately we sometimes end up falling for them again when
the topic is controversial, and we don't want to rankle any chains.

Thus, we've changed tactics on the proposed modules list. This email defines
what the release team believes is ready and appropriate for the 2.2 release.
Now you just have to tell us where we've stuffed up. ;-)

Otherwise, this becomes the final new modules list for 2.2... ROCK!

Modules that have changed status since the last email have been
marked with an asterisk, and include comments.

New Modules in 2.2:

  * acme: Daemon and configuration utility for 'special' keys on modern
    multimedia keyboards and notebooks.
    (Functionality we need, no strong reasons to leave it out until the
    features are integrated into other modules.)

  - file-roller: Archive creation, browsing, and unpacking utility.

  - ggv: PDF and PostScript viewer.

  - gnome-icon-theme: Default GNOME icon theme.
  * gnome-media: Not a new module, but noted here because the latest branch
    depends on GStreamer.

    (Much improved over previous versions. Based on well-tested GStreamer

  - gnome-themes: Package of default themes for GNOME, including GTK+ and
    icon themes designed for accessibility.

  * gstreamer/gst-plugins: Multimedia framework libraries.

    (Supports improved gnome-media and nautilus-media modules, both of which
    replace existing functionality and are based on GStreamer features that
    are tested and work well.)

  - metacity: Window manager. Proposed to replace Sawfish as default window

  * nautilus-media: Multimedia support for Nautilus, including replacement
    music view and video thumbnailing. Depends on GStreamer.

    (Replaces functionality that was removed from Nautilus itself. Based on
    well-tested GStreamer features.)

  - startup-notification: A minimal library that supports the new startup
    notification spec from

  * vte: Terminal widget with improved font and i18n support. Designed to
    replace libzvt.

    (Actually maintained, lots of improvements over libzvt, needs some love
    on the a11y front. Noted that gnome-terminal still works with libzvt if
    a11y is a must for any distributor.)

Not Accepted:

  - galeon: Web browser. Depends on Mozilla.

    (Nothing to back up apparent maintainership issues, far too big to take
    on otherwise. If these are resolved, and Galeon keeps improving at the
    alarming rate it has recently, it's definitely a candidate for 2.4.)

  - gst-player: Media player. Depends on GStreamer.

    (Usability issues, not based on well-tested GStreamer features, may
    surprise users that it doesn't support some things that they'd expect.
    Looks like a good candidate for 2.4.)

  - gcalctool: Scientific calculator. Proposed to replace gnome-calculator.
    (Usability issues, not convinced it's sufficiently useful to general
    desktop users, preference for a modal calculator.)

  - gnomemeeting: Video and audio conferencing client based on h323. Depends
    on pwlib and openh323, which are available at

    (Difficult required dependencies for the desktop release.)


- Jeff

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