Re: lock down features

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 22:10, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > It's OK Jeff, I'm allowed to be frustrated:-)
> Perhaps being slightly more constructive about your input would garner a
> better response. "Wow, this would be really cool, how can I help?" vs. "This
> is a disgrace, I can't believe this is not implemented yet."
> Bit different.
Main Entry: astound
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1634
: to fill with bewilderment or wonder

Don't think this has anything to do with positive or negative. 
Bewildered may have been a better statement, bewildered since it was
discussed and as we have seen it was laid out in some of the GNOME

> GConf provides the infrastructure (and design considerations) for these
> features, and already includes two backends (xml and bdb). Now Havoc has
> brought up the goal of full lockdown capabilities, and without going off
> topic too far or starting a mudslinging match, we'll probably develop a plan
> for doing it.
> Please, keep your contributions positive.
> - Jeff

Thanks Jeff.

George Farris <george gmsys com>

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