Re: lock down features

> On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 07:34:19PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
>> Yes, this is wildly important, and very cool, but the chances of a)
>> getting 2.2 off the tracks, b) getting soft about feature freezes, and
>> c) creating a fast-but-dodgy design that we'll regret a few months
>> down the track, are too great.
> a)/b) yeah, maybe concerns. I just don't think it's a large patch, is
> why I propose it. It's going to be trivial code.
> c) I have no doubt that we'll do that, but it's a contained hack, we
> can live with it. There's no design or overall system here; there are
> gconf keys that disable panel features, that's it. The design is what I
> already described. ;-)

These are both true *if* the changes are localised to the panel only. It
probably won't require an awful lot of code / changes to disable the
features you've mentioned. Other stuff, like Nautilus and the control panels

However, a very localised design doesn't provide a very solid master plan
for doing it across the desktop, which is the final goal. So, I'm
(personally) even less enthused about it being done in the 2.2 timeframe in
that case. :-)

If Mark (maintainer of panel) and the release team (maintainers of sanity)
are happy with it, rock on.

(Please don't take this as negativity for the feature. It's way cool, very
pleased that it's being discussed, and I'd love to see it in GNOME. But we
also have to find our way through to a January release, and no matter how
much we want these things, we also have to be disciplined about schedules
and freezes and so on.)


- Jeff

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