Re: the Nautilus context menu

Is there a bug to track this discussion? If not, there probably should

As far as doing menu reduction, here are some thoughts:

The context menu on the desktop could have:

New Folder
New Launcher
/*perhaps "new picture", "new wordprocessing document", etc. */
Scripts-> /* I'd rather see scripts mime-dependant so you don't */
          /* get all the scripts all the time.*/

Change Desktop Background /* this dialog would include the ability */
                          /* to use the default background. */

I don't see New Window or New Terminal being that helpful. Neither of
those are creating new files.

I don't see the use for having cut/copy/paste in a directory view,
unless they are applying to the directory. As is they reffer to any
selected files in that directory. This has Fitts' Law advantages, but
having just selected some files, presumably the mouse is close to one of

The "New ..." items could go into a submenu if there got to be too many
of them...


For the context menu of files (a pdf, for example):

Open with ggv /* I think Windows puts the default double-click */
	      /* action in bold, which is nice. */
Open With ->  xpdf
              Other Application...
Cut File
Copy File

Remove Custom Icon
Stretch Icon
Restore Icon's Original Size


The "Other Application..." and "Other Viewer..." should probably become
"Application..." and "Viewer..." when there are none already. 

"Duplicate" can be done by right-draging, or by copying and pasting.
Simlarly "Make Link" can be done by right-draging. While not everyone
knows about that, I would guess that those knowing what making a link
is, know about right-draging.

As for "Rename", as someone else pointed out, having click to rename
work (particularly if you got a text-entry mouse icon to make that
affordance clear). Also the Properties dialog supports renaming, so the
Rename dialog is really just duplicates that functionality. Downside:
removing "Rename" without adding click-to-rename would obfiscate the
method of renaming.

Again, there should probably be a bug to discuss this stuff on.


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