Incessant Horse Flogging.

The current discussion horse is dead. Not only is it dead, it has been
flogged, pulverized, and in some places liquified.

    Rather than continue to obsess about which side of the plate the fork
belongs on,  I propose we do something a little different; I'm interested in
discussing  _new_ and _different_ ideas to add to Gnome....You know,
something that would set Gnome apart from all other desktops in terms of its
usefulness and function? I have a few ideas I'd be happy to toss onto the
table for discussion---Delicious things, bite-sized pieces of wholesome
goodness we can all collectively sink our forks into, and enjoy a hearty
meal of brainstorming and chin-scratching.  Between all of us, i'm sure we
could unearth a pretty wide variety of new ideas to chew on -- Things worthy
of inclusion into the desktop.

    Suppose we find something.  There are plenty of people within the
development team willing to take an interesting idea and hammer out the code
for it. This will not only give the gazillions of users out there something
new to play with, it will also serve to set us apart from the
competition...KDE, OS X, Windows, and lord knows what else pops up.
Suddenly, we have things that they do not, and the notion of functional envy
takes over----They will mimic what we build, instead of us constantly
mimicking what _they_ build.  We all win.

So...Anyone hungry? :)

Bowie J. Poag

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