the Nautilus context menu

The new nautilus has a feature where external plugins can insert menu 
items in the context menu for files. This is quite powerful and lets us 
extend Nautilus with new functionality from other apps (e.g. file-roller 
can add a "create an archive from selected files"). 

However, it is also very easy to misuse this functionality to add stuff to 
the menu entry that may not be suited. The context menu is a limited 
resouce, and its already quite long. Several people disagreed with adding 
context menu components, arguing that the menu was already to long. 

So, since we (the Nautilus team) ourselves take great care when adding 
entries to that menu, I'd like people that consider adding context menu 
items that are installed by default to discuss their proposal and 
rationale on desktop-devel-list or nautilus-list before doing this. This 
is especially important if you add items that are shown for many or  
even all mime-types. 

I especially don't want lots of applications having a "launch my app in 
this directory" entry in the menu. Remember, the context menu is supposed 
to act on the selected file, and if you think there is a global operation 
missing on the context menu, please contact the Nautilus mailing list for 
a discussion on adding that to the nautilus code instead.

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