Re: the Nautilus context menu

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 21:27, Alan Horkan wrote:

> I would love to hear what the Sun usability people think, but frankley i
> would be amazed if they went for it.

Well, this Sun usability person thinks that in an ideal world, "Pick Up"
and "Drop" would indeed be better, but I wouldn't be surprised if people
were too used to Cut and Paste already.  I remember when M$ first
introduced the terms "Cut" and "Paste" into their file manager, it was
roundly criticised for being a screwed-up metaphor (who cuts and pastes
files in real life?!), but people have lived with it for long enough now
that they're used to it.  It would be interesting to do a quick study to
see if new users still find it troublesome, though.

I've asked the other Sun usability folks what they think as well,
hopefully they'll chip in with their own thoughts...


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