Re: the Nautilus context menu


You guys clearly weren't around for the great "nautilus doesn't have
cut-and-paste" flamefests of whatever-year-that-was.

IMO this is a place where you clearly have much greater lossage from
people finding the UI unfamiliar and just gut-rejecting it based on
"not like other UIs," than you have benefit from the UI change.  Much
like the button ordering snafu. What a pointless distraction from all
the other excellent stuff in the HIG.

We should be different when it really *matters*, and should be the
same in superficial ways to make people feel all fuzzy. Otherwise all
the nice work just gets trashed. Remember the people who decide what
UI to use aren't users, they're IT types. And they tend to go down

 button order - check
 cut/copy/paste - check

Seriously, I've seen these checklists. e.g. the US government has one.
And it has button order on it, and I'm willing to bet cut/copy/paste

GNOME isn't in a vacuum, it's used with other platforms and other
software. And it's not going to get evaluated by UI experts, it's
going to be evaluated by people with checklists.


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