Re: the Nautilus context menu

OK, despite my kidding, I'll throw caution to the wind and add to the

I think Greg has a point:

* 'cut' is a little odd, though conventional, for something which is
essentially a "move" operation, so there's merit in using a different
verb in the Nautilus view.  Whether it's worth breaking convention is
another matter.

* we do need a keyboard equivalent for all drag-and-drop operations, for
accessibility reasons, whether we call it "pick up" and "drop", or "cut"
and "paste".  In some ways "pick up" and "drop" make the relationship
between the keyboard operations and the mouse-based gestures more

Users have gotten accustomed to drag and drop between apps, of icons
onto launchers, etc. - in some ways these metaphors are quite different
from "cut", "copy", and "paste".  If we want to add a keybinding that
does what "drag and drop" does for these more complex cases (where we're
not working with the system clipboard, etc.), does it still make sense
to call it "copy" and "paste" ?  I think not.  

So I think that when one looks at the big picture, and tries to
anticipate the extension of drag and drop to keynav and menus (needed
for accessibility), it may be that the verbs we use bear re-examination,
and in that context I think Greg's suggestion is actually better.

best regards,


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