Re: the Nautilus context menu

tor 2002-11-14 klockan 00.30 skrev John McCutchan:
> I think that we should do the right thing. Not copy what windows/KDE users
> expect. Gnome should not be trying to please Windows users it should
> be trying to do what is most obvious to the non computer user. 
> The Pickup/Drop/Drop copy keyword makes more sense then Copy/Cut/Paste
> I believe this is what Nautilus was originally trying to do with the
> shelf and not having the Cut/Copy/Paste commands in the file manager.
> Real world examples: 
> When I want to copy a file:
> 1) I pick it up
> 2) I get a copy (from photocopier)
> 3) I drop the original and copy back on my desk.
> When I want to move a file:
> 1) I pick it up
> 2) I drop it where I want it.
> In Windows the metaphores Cut/Copy/Paste dont connect with the real world.
> But Pickup/Drop/Drop copy do connect with the real world.

Could we move the discussion about redesigning UI metaphors and concepts
to usability gnome org or some place else? It doesn't really have a lot
to do with current GNOME development, especially since feature freezes
are well past.


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