Re: the Nautilus context menu

I think that we should do the right thing. Not copy what windows/KDE users
expect. Gnome should not be trying to please Windows users it should
be trying to do what is most obvious to the non computer user. 
The Pickup/Drop/Drop copy keyword makes more sense then Copy/Cut/Paste
I believe this is what Nautilus was originally trying to do with the
shelf and not having the Cut/Copy/Paste commands in the file manager.

Real world examples: 

When I want to copy a file:
1) I pick it up
2) I get a copy (from photocopier)
3) I drop the original and copy back on my desk.

When I want to move a file:
1) I pick it up
2) I drop it where I want it.

In Windows the metaphores Cut/Copy/Paste dont connect with the real world.
But Pickup/Drop/Drop copy do connect with the real world.


On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 11:08:24PM +0000, Bill Haneman wrote:
> OK, despite my kidding, I'll throw caution to the wind and add to the
> fire...
> I think Greg has a point:
> * 'cut' is a little odd, though conventional, for something which is
> essentially a "move" operation, so there's merit in using a different
> verb in the Nautilus view.  Whether it's worth breaking convention is
> another matter.
> * we do need a keyboard equivalent for all drag-and-drop operations, for
> accessibility reasons, whether we call it "pick up" and "drop", or "cut"
> and "paste".  In some ways "pick up" and "drop" make the relationship
> between the keyboard operations and the mouse-based gestures more
> clear.  
> Users have gotten accustomed to drag and drop between apps, of icons
> onto launchers, etc. - in some ways these metaphors are quite different
> from "cut", "copy", and "paste".  If we want to add a keybinding that
> does what "drag and drop" does for these more complex cases (where we're
> not working with the system clipboard, etc.), does it still make sense
> to call it "copy" and "paste" ?  I think not.  
> So I think that when one looks at the big picture, and tries to
> anticipate the extension of drag and drop to keynav and menus (needed
> for accessibility), it may be that the verbs we use bear re-examination,
> and in that context I think Greg's suggestion is actually better.
> best regards,
> -Bill
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