Re: [G2R] Re: gtk+ 2.0.4 release?

tor 2002-06-13 klockan 12.05 skrev Michael Meeks:
> Hi Owen,

Michael, first of all, Gtk+ isn't GNOME. I can't see why Gtk+ should be
restricted by the GNOME freeze. It's like freezing glibc just because we
want to get our release out.

We already have Glib/Gtk+/Pango/... that is Good Enough for GNOME 2.0.0.

If the Gtk+ theme breaks something by accident in 2.0.X we have 2.0.3
which is already tested and works fine. So it's not as big a problem as
if gnome-panel 2.0.0 breaks something. There already are stable releases
of all of the Gtk+ packages.

Gtk+ is widely used outside GNOME and they have to meet demands on bug
fixes from those users too. I don't think those users would much
appreciate the answer, "We can't fix it because a big user of ours is in
deep freeze."

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
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