Re: gtk+ 2.0.4 release?

Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> writes:

> Hi guys,
> At one point you guys were intending to release 2.0.4 for RC1; is that still
> possible? Please let the release team know what your plans are.

Due to popular demand, I do have some plans of doing a 2.0.4 this
week; I'm not sure I'd say its for RC1.

It simply doesn't make sense for me to do a GTK+ release without
 a) Spending at least a few hours looking at bugzilla for 
    critical stuff.

 b) Putting out a pre-release a day or so in advance for people
    to check.

So I wouldn't expect it see 2.0.4 until, say, Thursday or so.


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