Re: Providing Proxy support for Gdict. Need inputs.

James Henstridge wrote:
> >>Probably pretty unlikely for most proxies these days, but you could
> >>perhaps tunnel through using the CONNECT command on an HTTP proxy.

> >  I am using tunnel mechanism only to connect to But I
> >  am getting HTTP/1.0 500 Server Error in response. Error 5XX means
> >  server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request. So I feel
> > at port 2628 does not support any http requests.
> >
> That is because dict servers speak the dict protocol, rather than http.
> I think the suggestion was that you connect to an http proxy and send
> the command "CONNECT HTTP/1.1", which would give you a
> direct connection to the dict server.  However, most proxies are set to
> limit what ports they will allow CONNECT commands to connect to
> (generally they only allow 443 for https), especially the ones that
> would block 2628 to start with.  This would make the feature useless in
> many situations.

I am first making a connection to http proxy and then sending the
connection command:
 Proxy-Authorization: Basic ZGFiYjpiYWx1MTM3

And in response I am getting Server Error.

As you said the http proxy which I am using may not be allowing
CONNECTION to at port 2628. In that case, I can not make a 
connection to through http proxy.


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