Re: Providing Proxy support for Gdict. Need inputs.

Joe Shaw wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 01:06, Narayana Pattipati wrote:
> > a) Provide HTTP proxy support. But the server at port
> >    2628 is not recognising HTTP commands. So http proxy
> >    support is ruled out.
> Probably pretty unlikely for most proxies these days, but you could
> perhaps tunnel through using the CONNECT command on an HTTP proxy.

  I am using tunnel mechanism only to connect to But I
  am getting HTTP/1.0 500 Server Error in response. Error 5XX means 
  server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request. So I feel at port 2628 does not support any http requests.

> > b) The other alternative left is providing SOCKS proxy support.
> >    I can think of two problems with this. One problem is for
> >    socksification, user needs to use socks library, which is not
> >    free software. Another problem is many users may not have
> >    access to a SOCKS proxy.
> There are plenty of free implementations of SOCKS.  I know that Soup has
> one, and I am pretty sure GNet as well.  And even if you couldn't use
> one of those for some reason, you can get docs for the SOCKS proxy off
> of Google and roll your own... it's a very easy protocol.  (Although not
> for 2.0.0, certainly.)
  Gnet has some socket/socks support but comment at
  suggest that SOCKS implementation is experimental. May be we can get
  support by 2.2. And I don't think it is very good idea to use some
third party
  library(even if it is free). I am not familiar with proxy stuff. So I
can not 
  write some socks support on my own. 


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