Re: [G2R] Bug Update for RC1

Hi Luis,

On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 07:17, Luis Villa wrote:
> Bugs 74974 and 82337 are basic features that remain unimplemented.

	Puntable; yes.

> Bug 73284 is a crash in zvt. I'd feel uncomfortable releasing 2.0.0 if
> it had this bug; we should not be going out with known crashes in a
> terminal.
> Bug 84140 is an utterly repeatable nautilus/vfolder crasher; I'm going
> to have to deal with a lot of dups of this if it isn't fixed, I think,
> so I've marked it 2.0.0.


> Bug 72620 indicates a fair level of brokenness in mime-type handling in

	72620 is a panel bug ... I assume you mean 72560, and it doesn't
indicate a fair level of brokenness. This is just Jacob resurrecting a
moan he had from the switch from GMC -> Nautilus. Then the bug sort of
meanders off into another bug due to Mike's mis-understanding, and turns
into a control-center bug.

	Someone needs to split those two bugs; 72620 (original) is a bogus
non-bug, that only affects bug-buddy, and in a totally reparable way.
The latter half is a control-center bug - and I'm sure Jody will fix it,
but how can he close it when it's 2 bugs one of which is not worth
fixing ? :-)

> Additionally, bug 83209 is very borderline- we've apparently broken file
> manager functionality pretty thoroughly for NFS users. I'm not really
> ready to call this a stopper, but if there is a fix we need to get it
> in; it is /very/ close to a stopper.

	I don't think NFS home directory support is puntable personally, there
are a huge number of such users out there - and we want to do what we
can to appeal to large installations. I'll take a look at both.



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