Providing Proxy support for Gdict. Need inputs.


I am trying to provide Proxy support for Gdict. There are two
ways of providing proxy support for this application.

a) Provide HTTP proxy support. But the server at port
   2628 is not recognising HTTP commands. So http proxy 
   support is ruled out.

b) The other alternative left is providing SOCKS proxy support.
   I can think of two problems with this. One problem is for 
   socksification, user needs to use socks library, which is not
   free software. Another problem is many users may not have 
   access to a SOCKS proxy. 

If SOCKS proxy is implemented, some users with SOCKS proxy access
will be benefitted. But they need to have socks library for using
this feature. 

Will the community accept the socksified Gdict code which works 
only if socks library support is installed(which is not a free 


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