Bug Update for RC1

We've still got six listed 2.0.0 bugs.

Bugs 74974 and 82337 are basic features that remain unimplemented. It
seems unlikely they will be implemented in a reasonable time frame. For
this reason, I propose punting them and working on other ways to
encourage people to work on them for 2.0.1.

Bug 73284 is a crash in zvt. I'd feel uncomfortable releasing 2.0.0 if
it had this bug; we should not be going out with known crashes in a

Bug 84140 is an utterly repeatable nautilus/vfolder crasher; I'm going
to have to deal with a lot of dups of this if it isn't fixed, I think,
so I've marked it 2.0.0.

Bug 72620 indicates a fair level of brokenness in mime-type handling in
Nautilus. Given the sparing number of reports of the bug, I guess maybe
this feature isn't terribly used, but I'd /like/ it to be fixed if at
all possible. Like 74974 and 82337, if it looks unfixable in a
reasonable timeframe, I guess we can punt.

Bug 81670 was, at one point, believed to be necessary for proper menu
editing. Several people have argued that this is puntable, and having
finally sat down and attempted to edit menus, I think I now understand
the bug better and agree it is puntable, and will punt tomorrow if there
are no objections. I'd definitely argue in favor of including a fix in
2.0.0 if it becomes available by Monday, though.

Additionally, bug 83209 is very borderline- we've apparently broken file
manager functionality pretty thoroughly for NFS users. I'm not really
ready to call this a stopper, but if there is a fix we need to get it
in; it is /very/ close to a stopper.

Hope this clarifies where we stand; I welcome feedback/thoughts on the
decision to punt 74974 and 82337 and how important 72620 and 83209 are.


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