Deep Freeze + Making Releases

Hi all,

We made the deep freeze status pretty clear earlier this week, and have
received no cries of disbelief or pain as a result. However, code is still
being checked into CVS without the required release team rubber stamp

Here's the previous email for your convenience:

The process is fast and painless. Email your patch to the release team [1],
hopefully accompanied with a bugzilla number, and one of us will get back to
you *very quickly* with a yes or no. Once you're past the initial anal
probe, the rest is free and breezy.

Also, releases for this week's snapshot have been... relaxed. If you have a
new release pending, please let me know soon.

Whilst we're here, I have a joke for you all:

  A: Knock, knock.
  B: Who's there?
  A: The interrupting cow.
  B: The interrupting cow wh--

Perhaps that's better told live. Yeah.


- Jeff

    "And that's what it sounds like if you *download* it!" - John, They     
                              Might Be Giants                               

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