Re: Bug Update for RC1

 --- Luis Villa <louie ximian com> wrote: > We've still got six
listed 2.0.0 bugs.
> Bugs 74974 and 82337 are basic features that remain unimplemented.
> It
> seems unlikely they will be implemented in a reasonable time frame.
> For
> this reason, I propose punting them and working on other ways to
> encourage people to work on them for 2.0.1.
> Bug 73284 is a crash in zvt. I'd feel uncomfortable releasing 2.0.0
> if
> it had this bug; we should not be going out with known crashes in a
> terminal.
> Bug 84140 is an utterly repeatable nautilus/vfolder crasher; I'm
> going
> to have to deal with a lot of dups of this if it isn't fixed, I
> think,
> so I've marked it 2.0.0.
> Bug 72620 indicates a fair level of brokenness in mime-type
> handling in
> Nautilus. Given the sparing number of reports of the bug, I guess
> maybe
> this feature isn't terribly used, but I'd /like/ it to be fixed if
> at
> all possible. Like 74974 and 82337, if it looks unfixable in a
> reasonable timeframe, I guess we can punt.

Wierdly enough I think this is a bug that would explode when gnome2
is released into the wild, but wont neccesarly be seen by

> Bug 81670 was, at one point, believed to be necessary for proper
> menu
> editing. Several people have argued that this is puntable, and
> having
> finally sat down and attempted to edit menus, I think I now
> understand
> the bug better and agree it is puntable, and will punt tomorrow if
> there
> are no objections. I'd definitely argue in favor of including a fix
> in
> 2.0.0 if it becomes available by Monday, though.
> Additionally, bug 83209 is very borderline- we've apparently broken
> file
> manager functionality pretty thoroughly for NFS users. I'm not
> really
> ready to call this a stopper, but if there is a fix we need to get
> it
> in; it is /very/ close to a stopper.
> Hope this clarifies where we stand; I welcome feedback/thoughts on
> the
> decision to punt 74974 and 82337 and how important 72620 and 83209
> are.
> Luis
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