Re: Hackers, users and Usibility - Was: Re: Control Center Behavior

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 14:37, Mark Finlay wrote:
> > (Let me also echo Seth's sentiment that we should in no way listen to
> > polls on ;-) The "real desktop market" by which I
> > mean the easiest 5% of Microsoft market share for us to claim, in
> > order to get started as an interesting desktop OS, is pretty much by
> > definition going to be _totally_ silent on _all_ of our forums. If you
> > know enough about computers to distinguish GNOME from the rest of the
> > OS, and post to a forum, you are not a typical desktop end user, _at
> > all_. End of story. Your needs/wants are going to be totally
> > different.)
> AFAICS , what I see from yourself and Seth is over-anxiousness to break
> with Gnome's image as being the hacker's desktop. Don't alienate and
> dismiss what is after all the majority of your users - the Hackers.


I don't have hard statistics on this (some of the distro folks probably
do?), but I think even with GNOME's existing user base the vast majority
are non-hackers.


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