Re: Control Center Behavior

> Another idea would be to not install said .directory files, or
> replace the 
> icons in them with ones that look like directories, instead of
> hacking up 
> the code to ignore them.

Having icons that look like folders isn't a good solution since it will
not match the current theme.

The reason that we don't just remove the icon specification from the
.directory file is that the panel needs to read from this scheme too,
and the panel "sub-directories" should have icons (since the arrow is
already used to specify that it is a "directory" not a "file").

But I think that the general case behavior for setting images on folders
in Nautilus should probably be that it works as an emblem. Having
folders that don't look like folders can be cute (I have some myself),
but I think its a lot better for usability if people can consistently
expect to tell which items are folders.


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