Control Center Behavior

This may be something that has been talked to death already,
but we, the member's of the "Gnome User Support Forum" have been 
discussing the behavior of the Gnome Control Center in Gnome2.

You can see the discussion here:

But to sumarise it 18 users voted to use the --use-shell version in
GNOME by default, only 3 voted for the nautilus integrated version.

Our reccomendations for Gnome Control Center Behavior are:

1. Settings moved as a separate main menu beside actions instead of
integrated into the programs menu.
2. The shell cc as the default launched from a launcher on the panel and
from within the menus.
3. The Nautilus version accessible via preferences:// and start-here
- this could also provide a way to modify the cc(when menu editing

The main reasoning behind prefering the --use-shell version is:
1. It looks better and simpler, and is easier to understand.
2. It has sepporate panes for launchers and settings which is much more
intuitive and eliminates confusion and disoriatation caused by the
nautilus version.
3. It loads faster.

IMHO it already works well so why do we have to integrate it - just
because everyone else is intagrating everything doesnt mean that we have
to change things that already work.



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