Re: Control Center Behavior

Joshua Eichorn <jeichorn joshuaeichorn com> writes:
> I thought Mark made a good point, but it seems that if your not a
> developer and your smart enough
> to find a Gnome mailing list, then your automatically not a real user
> and your needs no longer count.

I thought the point was that real users wouldn't find the mailing
lists (or forums of any technical kind).

My point is that the developers here are not doing things for
themselves either, and don't necessarily know what's best. We have to
go proactively find out, and use known heuristics, and think it

> Anyway that comment is less then productive so don't reply, my
> problems with the current preference setup are:
> I can't tell a folder from an launcher. (main issue)
> I don't know what other preference groups there are once im in another
> preference section(folder)
> I expect them to be treated differently with visible groupings because
> thats how winxp does it
> Things i like:
> Being able to access them from the menu (though i don't want to use
> this all the time)
> The consistency between the different preference windows.

Thanks, these are substantive points.

(People are unplugging my ethernet, so I have to leave.)


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