Re: Control Center Behavior

I saw Mark's original poll on, and then saw the follow-up here, and its pretty discourging.

I thought Mark made a good point, but it seems that if your not a developer and your smart enough to find a Gnome mailing list, then your automatically not a real user and your needs no longer count.

Anyway that comment is less then productive so don't reply, my problems with the current preference setup are:

I can't tell a folder from an launcher. (main issue)
I don't know what other preference groups there are once im in another preference section(folder) I expect them to be treated differently with visible groupings because thats how winxp does it

Things i like:
Being able to access them from the menu (though i don't want to use this all the time)
The consistency between the different preference windows.

-joshua eichorn

Mark Finlay wrote:

1. Settings moved as a separate main menu beside actions instead of
integrated into the programs menu.
2. The shell cc as the default launched from a launcher on the panel and
from within the menus.
3. The Nautilus version accessible via preferences:// and start-here
- this could also provide a way to modify the cc(when menu editing

The main reasoning behind prefering the --use-shell version is:
1. It looks better and simpler, and is easier to understand.
2. It has sepporate panes for launchers and settings which is much more
intuitive and eliminates confusion and disoriatation caused by the
nautilus version.
3. It loads faster.

IMHO it already works well so why do we have to integrate it - just
because everyone else is intagrating everything doesnt mean that we have
to change things that already work.

OK - everyone has gotten realy hung up on the idea of this being based
on a "vote" - i started the vote to get an idea of what ppl thought of
what were my ideas - the vote was really inimportant - what mattered was
the actual discussion.

So lets not worry about who voted where - these are MY opinons being out
forward by ME so if your going to flame anyone for having bad ideas
flame me.

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