Re: Fifth-toe list

There are still some usuability problems with it (no GUI to change
themes, ...) and I don't want to confuse our users with that..

Try metacity-setup? It works prety well for me.

metacity-setup still has a numer of things on the todo list as far as keybindings and all go (if you want to expose those options to users), but themes (with instant apply), number of workspaces and font settings work well.

I really want to switch default WM for GNOME 2 to MetaCity but it is not
mature enough yet (and I think Havoc will agree on that :))

I am starting to wonder about this. Havoc was never for making metacity the default wm for gnome 2.0.x, since it was his pet-project. However with sun adopting it, and redhat also using it as default in their latest beta's, i would say it is progressing rather quickly.

Also, what standards are we using to measure maturity? Sawfish is nice (i used it for a long time and loved it) but it sure has its share of klunky problems as well.

Anyways, just wanted to chime in with my 2 euro cents, since i'm using it on a day-to-day bases now, and loving it ;-)

   -- Chris

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