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Le ven 12/07/2002 à 09:29, Chris Chabot a écrit :
> >
> >
> >There are still some usuability problems with it (no GUI to change
> >themes, ...) and I don't want to confuse our users with that..
> >
> Try metacity-setup? It works prety well for me.
> metacity-setup still has a numer of things on the todo list  as far as 
> keybindings and all go (if you want to expose those options to users), 
> but themes (with instant apply), number of workspaces and font settings 
> work well.

Thanks.. Mandrake contributors uploaded it to Mandrake cooker but I
didn't found enough time to test it :))

I agree with you, it fixed almost all my critics :))

The only thing which prevents me to switch Mandrake cooker to Metacity
is the "don't focus new window" problem.. But Havoc seems to have fixed
it in CVS.. So, I guess next version of MetaCity will probably be GNOME
2 default WM for Mandrake too :))))))

And it seems to be lacking some translations too (hint, hint :))

Havoc, can we have a new release, please :))

> >I really want to switch default WM for GNOME 2 to MetaCity but it is not
> >mature enough yet (and I think Havoc will agree on that :))
> >
> I am starting to wonder about this. Havoc was never for making metacity 
> the default wm for gnome 2.0.x, since it was his pet-project. However 
> with sun adopting it, and redhat also using it as default in their 
> latest beta's, i would say it is progressing rather quickly.
> Also, what standards are we using to measure maturity? Sawfish is nice 
> (i used it for a long time and loved it) but it sure has its share of 
> klunky problems as well.

I would say : it should "feel" right (following Havoc's article about
GUI design)... Since metacity CVS seems to "feel right", I think it is
becoming mature :))

> Anyways, just wanted to chime in with my 2 euro cents, since i'm using 
> it on a day-to-day bases now, and loving it ;-)

I'm using it too :))

Frédéric Crozat

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