Re: GNOME 2.2 module list and schedule [was Re: GNOME 2.2 screenshots]

<quote who="Andrew Sobala">

> Hey, "Fifth toe" is fairly descriptive. (I can't describe it, but it's
> still descriptive :-) )

  ... and now, to describe "Fifth Toe", our very own... Perry Mason,
  accompanied by his dashing assistant, Matlock! Over to you, Perry:

Exhibit A:

  The new GNOME logo. Note the four (4) toes. A fifth toe would be a "foot
  enhancer", a "bringer of toe", perhaps even, a "completion of foot".

Exhibit B:

  The GNOME release modules list, specifically the "Fifth Toe" section. A
  cornucopia of GNOME enhancing, toe-bringing, desktop-completing KICK ARSE
  ("thanks go to Matlock for teaching me that phrase") applications and
  utilities. Note that this list is quite old, and doesn't include some of
  the awesome additions to our fine stable of excellent software such as
  gthumb, File Roller and GnomeChat!

Proof, justice, and the prime time TV way!

- Jeff

   "I think it will be admitted by all that to have exploited so great a    
     scientific invention for the purpose and pursuit of entertainment      
    alone would have been a prostitution of its powers and an insult to     
        the character and intelligence of the people." - John Reith         

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