Re: gnome-recent (plans)

James Willcox <jwillcox cs indiana edu> writes: 
> 2)  Someone (maybe me, but ideally someone with more experience in this
> sort of thing) can start talking with OO, KDE, Mozilla, and whoever else
> about whether they would go along with either
> 	a)  Using a standard based on gconf

That won't work, so you may as well just not suggest it. ;-)
> Is this on crack?  Did I forget anything?  I'm pretty new to all this,
> and I don't want things to "stall" (again) because of lack of action on
> my part.  However, if I'm being over-zealous, let me know :)

Nope, you're doing great.
> [1] At this point, it should be ok for apps to CVS include, right?

Yeah, or just "automated cut and paste", or whatever.

I still wonder if we shouldn't install libegg, and protect it with

> [2] Anders hasn't responded to any of these messages, nor has he
> responded to any of my previous email attempts.  Is he around much any
> more?

Probably just not here right at the moment. I'm sure he'll turn up.


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