Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> That must be a very old plan, because GConf was part of the things thatI
> am sure we had discussed at GUADEC 2.  Accessibility was the reason that
> Gtk 1.3 got delayed so much.

Please explain this Miguel.  To the best of my knowledge this statement
has absolutely no basis in fact.

Our ATK work in particular was ready well before GTK+ actually froze.
We did some API tweaking later with absolutely no impact on anyone
except ourselves, but we most certainly did not contribute to the 
GTK+ delays directly.  If we indirectly contributed in some way I would
appreciate an explanation, otherwise I would like a retraction.

Bear in mind that our accessibility work on GTK+ itself was 
completed almost a full year ago, and that our implementation code
for ATK is entirely externalized in GAIL.


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