Re: 1.4.1, gtk-engines, integration

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> The 1.4.x gtk-engines module contains 5 theme engines:
>  Raleigh   => default GTK+-2.0
>  Redmond95 => ported (and much improved)

[ How different do these look? ;) ]

>  Metal     => ported (and much improved)
>  Pixmap    => pixbuf (should be able to load all old pixmap RC files.)


>  Notif     => Not ported. Does anyone care?

Probably not...

Are you happy to add Crux (and perhaps ThinIce if it's close to ready) to
both releases?

- Jeff

  "Ever since GNOME development began, I have urged people to aim to make   
   it as good as the Macintosh.  To try to be like Windows is to try for    
                      second-best." - Richard Stallman                      

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