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Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,

> For example, adding full keynav and accessibility has in practice
> meant a ton of new work, and also required getting rid of all
> deprecated features since e.g. CList is not accessible. I don't think
> this was foreseen in any way when we initially planned GNOME 2. :-/

I think there are misunderstanding at work here which I don't want 
propagated throughout this list.  For one thing, CList *is* accessible, 
it was marked deprecated well before the accessibility project
were laid out; note that what accessibility limitations it has are a
of its deprecation (since we couldn't substantially modify the
widgets, as per GTK+ policy).

As for keynav, Padraig has been more than willing to provide patches for
keynav, provided they can be accepted.  If the GTK+ team prefers to 
do the work themselves, well OK, but it's not because the accessibility
has forced it upon them.  Padraig will admit that he has mad
about some of those patches but he's put them out as a basis for
with clear focussed questions about how to proceed.

My concern is that an unfounded view that accessibility has somehow
slowed down GTK+ or GNOME 2 is being aired here, and though our
work has been a heavy workload I don't think it's fair to imply that
been a drag on the platform release.  Quite the contrary, I believe that 
there has been a very large amount of reengineering going on all over
2; so much that our patches for the places where our work *does* impact
other packages have been in review queues for months.  I understand why
is, everyone is busy... but I think that the suggestion that our patches
in general, slowed the platform stands the truth on its head.

We appreciate the work everyone has been doing on this front; Michael's 
in depth work in at-spi has been an exception to the understandable
in reviewing our patches, for instance.  I appreciate the work that Owen
and Jonathan have done to help put keynav in place, etc; but I am not
willing to play scapegoat for platform delays.

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