Panel Applets (Was Re: Sticky Notes)

Daniel said:
> It would still be an OK mechanism to signal panel(s) on a specific machine 
> that something of interest to them happened (news software was installed and
> should show up in menus). It just wouldn't be an acceptable interface to
> expose to endusers.

I think an appropriate short term solution is one of the following

(1) In the panel menu, right after "Add to panel" and "Delete panel",
there should be a "Refresh Panel Applets List" option.
(2) There could be some script to run that signals the panel to rescan
the applet directory. So rpm's and install scripts could call this
whenever they install new software.

In fact, we should have both! It's either that or use FAM (like nautilus
does) to detect new applets or menu items.

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