Re: Release team perspective [Was: libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 2.2]

<quote who="Chema Celorio">

> > Couldn't we provide a script "configure my fontconfig please" that
> > generates an appropriate setup?
> I wouldn't know what to put on that script, so far fontconfig 'just works'
> for me. Perhaps it hasn't been like this for everybody?

fontconfig is okay, so for libgnomeprint it's not a worry. But it's Xrender
and Xft2 that cause people problems.

Havoc, for what it's worth, GARNOME has integrated all of these into its
build process, and it works seamlessly for most people (except for the
dynamic user font cache generation, which I just can't get to work).

- Jeff

         "The GPL is good. Use it. Don't be silly." - Michael Meeks         

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