Re: Release team perspective [Was: libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 2.2]

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> > Not optional? That's a big pain then...
> > 
> > It makes it much harder for developers to target the 2.2 platform, given
> > that they have to rely on their users having GNOME 2.2 (or RH8).
> The whole point of redoing things with fontconfig is to get rid of the
> broken impossible-to-maintain gnome-print-specific font configuration BS.
> If you still maintain said BS as a fallback, you haven't gotten anywhere.

Sure, I think due to the quality of the 2.0 gnomeprint, we can just say
"sorry everyone, there were no guarantees anyway, this lib gets breakage",
and hope like hell that it can go in the developer platform for 2.4 or so.

> Believe me, getting fontconfig working is a hell of a lot easier than
> getting the old gnome-print working... though if fontconfig is still not
> so hot at working "out of the tarball" we could perhaps give it some
> loving in that area.

It's not *too* bad, at least with XFree86. I'll be checking in a quick guide
for it onto the 2.1 start page soon.

- Jeff

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