libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 2.2

Hey gang,

So, we have the option to ship libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 2.2, for 2.0.x
application compatibility.

This sounds like a good idea to me, as we can support the use of
applications built against 2.0.x on 2.2.x. Even though libgnomeprint*
doesn't have huge user desktop or application penetration [1], it sets a
good precedent in case we do some crazier changes further on in 2.x.

Application developers could therefore say "GNOME 2.0 or later", which is
one of our big targets for all of this API/ABI anal-retentiveness, and when
distributors say "GNOME 2.2", application developers know that means "GNOME
2.0 or later" as well.

Then again, it is still 'just a desktop library', and distributors can
always choose to support what they want, so perhaps this is unnecessary.


- Jeff

[1] I think Gnumeric and gthumb are its only widely-distributed users, and
Gnumeric is still in pre-release. Jody has said that he's targeting 2.0.x
until 2.2 is released, which makes a lot of sense.

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