Re: libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 2.2

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 05:45, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hey gang,
> So, we have the option to ship libgnomeprint* 1.116.x in 2.2, for 2.0.x
> application compatibility.
> This sounds like a good idea to me, as we can support the use of
> applications built against 2.0.x on 2.2.x. Even though libgnomeprint*
> doesn't have huge user desktop or application penetration [1], it sets a
> good precedent in case we do some crazier changes further on in 2.x.

Sounds like a good idea to me too. I wasn't too excited about changing
the API and had expected that the transition to be a lot bumpier, but it
ended up being ok. I'm all for it, we don't force users of gnome-print
to have to upgrade RIGHT NOW, they can do so whenever they need a
feature of a newer version.

> Application developers could therefore say "GNOME 2.0 or later", which is
> one of our big targets for all of this API/ABI anal-retentiveness, and when
> distributors say "GNOME 2.2", application developers know that means "GNOME
> 2.0 or later" as well.


> [1] I think Gnumeric and gthumb are its only widely-distributed users, and

And Evolution, Abiword, GnuCash, Mr.Project, Sodipodi, Eog, ghex ;-). 


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